Alabaster Miracle Oil

Thanks for coming to the website – we are about to show you one of natures best kept secrets that has some amazing health benefits. These range from improved mood and immune system, which in turn, help the body to be stronger, fight infection and disease better.

Alabaster Miracle OilThe Healthcare Industry Versus Wellness Industry

Before we introduce you to our product we would first like to give you an overview of our industry so that you can make an informed decision about us and the industry as a whole. As we all know there are many different ways to stay healthy, treat illnesses and ailments – from home remedies to homeopathic and chinese medicines to conventional doctors prescribed medications. There is a continuous battle between the traditional pharmaceutical run healthcare industry and the more natural wellness industry. Both are huge trillion dollar industries and there are constant legislative and legal battles between the two. Millions of people are beginning to realize that we need to begin to treat the body as a whole and not just mask symptoms by popping pills, hence why more and more people are getting off the sofa, going to the gym or beginning to eat more healthy foods. There are many companies in both the healthcare and wellness industry that make fantastic claims about the latest wonder drug or herbal remedy – some are true… some are simply marketing spiel As a result, these two industries are frequently involved in high profile and expensive law suits. Not always for the good of the public as this is big business. Recent EU legislation means that health food stores are no longer able to display the benefits of a herb. For example it has been known for hundreds of years that the herb peppermint helps peoples digestion. This no longer can be displayed in any stores in the whole of Europe! Ask yourself has the world gone mad!


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Tips on Using Miracle Oil

A few drops used on three or four body parts 3 times per day a bottle should last around 8 - 10 weeks

We only use the oil externally and simply apply it to any affected areas... eg headache = rub on forehead and temples

The oil solidifies in cold conditions and placing it somewhere warm will return it to its natural state

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